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Titration Kit - R2,450 inc VAT



Before waste vegatable oil can be converted into Biodiesel it must first be titrated to determine how bad or good it is and to determine the exact amount of Caustic Soda or Potassium Hydroxide to be used in the process.

You can find a good explanation on titrating oil at

Biodiesel Titration Kit

The Advanced Biodiesel Titration Kit consists of the following.

50ml Phenolphthaline
1 x 10ml Pippette
1 x 1ml Pippette
1 x 1ml Dropper
1 x 600ml Beaker
2 x 250ml Beaker
3 x 100ml Erlenmeyer flasks
1 x 1litre measuring cylinder
1 x 1litre plastic bottle with 1 litre distilled water.
1 x 1 litre plastic bottle with 1 litre isopropyl alcohol.
1 x Self Levelling Burette which makes titrating really easy.
0.01g electronic scale
Full Instructions and worked examples

This kit will allow you to easily do titrations on vegetable oil and includes everything you need including Chemicals and glassware. It includes a Self Levelling Burette which makes Titrating much easier and more accurate.