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We have featured in numerous publications and radio Interviews and have appeared on National TV in connection with Biofuels. We have been hailed as pioneers in the biofuels industry and are regarded as experts in our field.

Some of the media we have been in are :

Popular Mechanics- Feb 2006 and 2010

Carte Blanche broadcast - Aug 2006

SA Computing - Sept 2006

Farmers Weekly 2009-/2011

We have also presented at the International Africa Biofuels Conference and have been running experimental vehicles on biodiesel for years to determine the effects (if any) of biodiesel on the fuel systems. As of early 2016 we have had no bad effects on our vehicles. We now have 100 000km on a Citroen C3 Common Rail and 240 000km on a Colt 2.8 diesel.