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Links to other sources of Info



Home Made Biodiesel

This is a great site which contains a wealth of common sense advice on making biodiesel. It deals with car issues, important safety advice and has a good video section.

Visit it to learn how to make Biodiesel on a small scale safely.

Infopop Forums

These forums are frequented by some respected names in the international biodiesel community. These forums a a good source of advanced biodiesel information and if you are ever stuck with a tricky question asking it here will soon result in a comprehensive reply. These forums are moderated and you need to request permission to post. Reading however is free for all.

The Yahoo Biodiesel Groups.

These groups on Yahoo are excellent sources of information and an even better source of problem solving . A Yahoo group is a email group. If you send an email to the group it is distributed to every other person in the group, in the biodiesel groups that is thousands of people! There are two Yahoo Groups that are recommended.

Beginners should subscribe to biodieselbasics and more advanced manufacturers should subscribe to the Biodiesel group.

You can subscribe to both groups at