Reusable Energy  
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  • 200 liter washtank 200 liter washtank with stainless steel stand
  • 120 liter a day biodiesel plant 120 liter a day biodiesel plant Plant with 200 liter washtank
  • Pump Pump
  • Temperature Probe Temperature Probe The temperature probe shows the current reactor temperature
  • Thermostat and Element Thermostat and Element The thermostat is set but can be adjusted if required. The element is custom made to the correct energy density and is flange mounted
  • Site Glass Site Glass The site glass shows the current levels inside the reactor for wase of filling
  • Fuel nozzle Fuel nozzle All our plants come with a final filtration syste, and fuel nozzle to minimise mess
  • 120 liter plant 120 liter plant made from industrial stainless steel, will last and last
  • Fuel nozzle Fuel nozzle
  • Electrical switches Electrical switches
  • Tags Tags Each valve is tagged and cross referenced in the instruction manual. We send these plants to remote areas and the manual allows the plant to be operated without any formal training.
  • 300 liter washtanks 300 liter washtanks two 300 liter washtanks in tandem
  • 200 liter biodiesel plant 200 liter biodiesel plant Made from stainless steel
  • 200 liter biodiesel plant and washtank 200 liter biodiesel plant and washtank