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Biodiesel Equipment


 Welcome to the Nanoelf Biodiesel Equipment pages.

Please use the buttons on the left to view the different types of biodiesel equipment that we have to offer.

1. The titration kit is aimed at people who have built or are building their own Biodiesel processor and need to purchase the laboratory equipment need to analyse the oil they are going to process. This is the most important part of making biodiesel,

2) The wash tanks are add on tanks to your Nanoelf biodiesel system. Adding one onto your plant will effectively double the daily production capacity.

3. The completel plant options are for the person who doesn't want to muck about with pipes and wrenches and who needs a turnkey solution. We supply complete plants to transport companies, farmers and individuals who want to reduce their fuel bill and make a difference to the environment.

Please take a more detailed look at these options by clicking the links on the left.