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Biodiesel Videos

This page is devoted to a collection of biodiesel videos that you should find useful.

It is usually easier to watch a video than to read pages and pages of technical documentation. These videos will hopefully explain a number of the more trickier aspects of biodiesel clearly and simply.

Testing The Oil

Titration Test Solution




Another test that can be done is a water test, where the oil is tested for water content.

I personally hardly ever do a water test, I live in a warm dry place and we never find water in our oil. However people that live in cold and wet areas of the world often have a problem.

Water most often finds its way into the oil when the oil is stored outside in the wind and the rain.


Sometimes water is added into the oil by restaurant staff when they scrub down counters and griddles, I have always found it quite easy to educate them into not doing so.


Water Test


Making Biodiesel

The following video takes a whistle stop view of making biodiesel. We explain how to make biodiesel on a small processor in an eight minute video.



How to Make Biodiesel


Quality Test

Once the biodiesel has been made it is important to test the quality of the fuel that has been made. The best way of doing so is to send a sample to a lab that has the facility to test the biodiese like the SABS or Bioservices.

This video shows a simple test that can be done to test the quality of the conversion of the fuel. Conversion or the removal of bound glycerine, is probably the most important aspect of making biodiesel.


Biodiesel Quality Test